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Ultrasonic cleaning is a recognized process for the quality of its results and widely used in many sectors of activity.

Ultrasound, ultrasonic waves created by a transducer, propagate in the liquid and create pressure variations. Tiny bubbles of emptiness appear: this is the phenomenon of cavitation.

These bubbles then implode in contact with immersed parts and thus allow the removal of dirt.

In addition, the energy developed by this ultrasonic cavitation increases the effectiveness of the chemical action of the cleaning solution.



 Discover our new MHC 80NC


This last generation ultrasonic cleaner combines technology and efficiency. Its refined lines, automatic lid and touch control panel give it a unique style.

- Ultrasonic power: 200W                                    
- Number of transducers: 4                                             
- Cleaning frequency: 40 KHz                                       
- Heating power: 120W                                                
- Dimensions of the tank (mm): 290 X 164 X 195            
- Overall dimensions W x L x H: 400 X 340 X 340          
- Useful volume of the tank: 8L              
- Color touch screen: 10 cm

- Weight: 16 kg

- USB: Historical cycle report

- Drain: Solenoid valve

- Function: Degas and sweep

- Lid lock: Yes

- Ultrasonic tank: For table or built-in

- Cassettes: Holds up to 5 cassettes