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MHC 400

The water distiller MHC400 produces perfectly pure water by distillation. The machine heats the water up to 100° which rises up as steam to condenser.


The process of distillation kills all bacteria, viruses and other water existing micro-organisms, while the other materials (solid or liquid as e.g. scale, pesticide, ...) remain in the container.


In the serpentine cooler the steamconverts to water before it is le through a activated carbon filter in a second cleaning process. 



Power supply: AC 230V, 50Hz. Complies with European safety standards.

Power: 750 W

Tank Capacity: 4L

Speed distillation: 0.7 to 1L / h

Safety temperature: 160 ° C

Weight: 4 kg




MHC 400A: Actived Carbon
MHC 400B: Decalcifier