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MHC 640

The MHC 640's light intensity can be adjusted to suit your needs with 5 levels of adjustment up to 100,000lx max.

You can use its rotating handle to select the focal length. In addition, the handle can be removed and sterilised.

This light is suitable for any practice. Indeed, it can be mobile, wall or ceiling mounted!


Power supply                              230 V - 50 Hz
Light output                                100,000 lux
Dimming                                       from 5.000 lux to 100.000 lux
Colour temperature                  3800 / 4300 / 4800 k
CRI                                                  90
Focusable working distance   70 - 160 cm
Focusing                                       18 ~ 30 cm
Head size                                      35 cm
Number of LEDs                         18
Handle                                          Removable / Sterilizable



MHC640 : Ceiling Mount
MHC641 : Wall Mount
MHC642 : Mobile
MHC643 : Dual Mount