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MHC 650

MHC 660


This latest generation LED light eliminates the shadow zones on the operating table.


MHC650 provides natural light with an oustanding performance in color reproduction.


The 9 levels of the light intensity (10.000 - 60.000 Lux) can easily be adjusted in order to adapt the desired light conditions). 


These latest generation Led and fluorescent tubes radiate daylight of 6500°K with a color rendering index of 98% (led 85%).


Possessing a continuous and an entire spectrum, this illumination easily allows the differentiation of the various shades of colour.


It has a direct as well as an indirect illumination (except for LED).

Available with 2 diffuser types:


  • “Boréal” radiates a comfortable and soft light due to its slightly opaque and white glass plate.

  • “Tropical” diffuses a true fountain of strong and vivid light , thanks to its translucid diffuser.



The MHC 640's light intensity can be adjusted to suit your needs with 5 levels of adjustment up to 100,000lx max.


You can use its rotating handle to select the focal length. In addition, the handle can be removed and sterilised.


This light is suitable for any practice. Indeed, it can be mobile, wall or ceiling mounted!


Enjoy optimal light intensity of up to 130,000lx with our MHC 655 surgical light.

The touch control from the handle will help you increase or decrease the size of the light field as well as control the light intensity.

It has 3 different modes allowing you to vary the intensity of the light.

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MHC 640

MHC 655